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The Prodigal Son Returns… August 11, 2011

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For all five of you who have checked this blog over the last two weeks or so you may have noticed that new content has all but disappeared.  First of all I would like to apologize for my extended absence, as a blog with daily content is worthless if it is not updated daily.  However, I had a good reason for my absence as I was tied up being the best man for my older brother’s nuptials last Saturday.  Obviously this entailed a few days of bachelor party activities, travel days/wedding set-up, along with the nervously trying to deliver a competent speech.  Along the way I caught up with pretty much my entire extended family, which was amazing, but also very tiring. After two days at home I have finally worked back into my normal routine and with that comes the re-activation of blog activity.

I’m sure that many of you are wondering how I will go about reconciling these lost days.  After all, the blog isn’t called 340cinema or 390withsomepausescinema, and I assure you I still plan on having post 365 done on June 24th of next year.  What that means is that the blog is going to be running on double and sometimes even triple speed for the next two weeks or so.  So prepare yourself because for the next 20 days, there will be posts flying everywhere at any time that I feel.  I’m sure I’ll be tired and over-caffeinated so expect more clips, pics, and grammatical errors.  So in honor of the return of the Prodigal Son of blogging I offer you the best comparison I can to how my best man speech went.





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